About Us

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Our Story

RKCONS Engineering Company with over 15 years of experience in designing and executing complex Civil Engineering Projects Pan India. 

RKCONS is an integrated, innovative and enterprising firm that constantly strives to create and enhance stakeholder value while fostering a culture of partnership and synergy. Our core competencies enable us to be a preferred partner for end to end execution of projects for leading organizations of India. Each of our project progresses in a systematic & methodological manner.


To become one of the best construction companies worldwide while enhancing infrastructural development, taking care of the environment, our clients, and our people, and maintaining sustainability through our work. We are committed to using the most advance and innovative technology and delivering quality solutions to our clients without limiting ourselves to any regional limits or boundaries.

We Understand Requirements

We Work Precisely ​

We Deliver Best Output​

Our Expert Team

Team RKCONS: A Company’s True Strength Lies In Its People. RKCONS has a strong workforce of over 250 professionally qualified Construction Managers, Engineers and Supervisors; backed up with the latest construction equipment and a technologically advanced work environment. Our managers individually have in-depth and extensive experience of over 25 years in the construction/manufacturing industry with a wide-ranging work exposure in execution of Water, Irrigation, electrical substation/works, pipeline works, residential/building structures, etc.

Anup Paul

He was associated with major players of the cement, chemicals and infrastructure industry. He was instrumental in the successful completion of numerous civil, BOT, road development, 100 MW hydro development and 1320 MW thermal power plant development projects among others.

Santy kundu

Managing Director
A qualified business graduate with a rich experience of 1 decades in the areas of corporate finance and business operations. He has expertise in core management of large businesses across all sectors.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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